About us

Tarento is a part of Acando. We offer high quality and cost-effective outsourcing, development, maintenance and support services. Our people are selected carefully and strive to create value for our clients.We are located in three countries, but our services are delivered world-wide.

  • Sweden (Stockholm)
  • Latvia (Riga)
  • India (Bangalore)

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Our customers
Tarento’s many customers run the width and breadth of a wide variety of sectors – manufacturing, financial services, retail, oil and gas, insurance, media and entertainment, government, etc. Customers range in size from startups to large international corporations. Please do not hesitate to contact us for industry-specific customer references.

Our history
Tarento was founded in 2009 as a Connecta subsidiary. The purpose was to create a business that would complement Connecta’s business with a particular focus on application management and bestshore. At start-up, Tarento merged with Qube, another Connecta subsidiary, which started work in 2006 as a Connecta delivery unit in Latvia.

In 2010 Tarento established a subsidiary in Bangalore, India, to further pursue opportunities for growth and gain access to qualified resources. Since then, Tarento has grown rapidly, and continues to grow in Tarento’s and Connecta’s key competence areas.

Our Vision
To set a new, higher standard, for Application Management through a Best shore delivery model

Our Mission
Creating successful clients through outstanding people

Our Values
Personal Leadership
Team Spirit
Honesty and integrity

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