Tarento logo is inspired from a dice
with the winning side on top.



Preferred Version



Alternate Version




Capri Seas


R 30, G 143, B 142


Old Navy


R 22, G 40, B 60



Clear Space

The logo or symbol should always be surrounded by
generous white space. The diagram below defines
the minimum amount of clear space needed, which
is based on the cap size of the type.

Primary Usage

Dark logo should be used on light backgrounds


Light logo should be used on dark backgrounds
which has enough contrast with 'Tarento green'
(Capri Seas)


Discretionary Usage

White logo should be used on other dark
backgrounds which does not contrast with 'Tarento


Incorrect use of the logo compromises its integrity
and effectiveness.
The examples of logo misuse below are not comprehensive;
they are only a small sample of possible
misuses of the our logo.


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