Tarento in a nutshell

We are a Nordic-Indian company. Our headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden. Our biggest unit and technology work is in Bangalore, India. Our consulting operations and data management expertise is in Helsinki, Finland.

We take pride in combining the incredible dynamism and technology skills of India with the established order and efficiency of the Nordic countries.

Our Growth as Indian-Nordic Hybrid

Tarento was founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of the Swedish consulting company Connecta, with the vision of building an organization that included a talent base of various advanced technologies. In 2014, we became a part of the Acando Group.

In 2016, Tarento’s management pursued a buy-out (MBO) with a strong vision of its own management led organization catering to the need of evolving digital businesses.

With the ever-growing importance of data management, especially master data management and data quality driven by the evolution of digital business models and technologies, in 2017 Tarento acquired DATPRO, a Finnish data management consultancy.

The acquisition enabled Tarento to bridge the gap between IT and business by providing a large landscape of comprehensive services due to this coupling of technology and data management competencies.

This combination of technology and data skills, added with our continuous services (Application Management Services), enables us to assist our customers in solving their core business problems.

We are privileged and proud of having tens of customers, from the largest companies until small and medium sized segment, across the Nordics and in India.

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