Data. Digital. And Beyond.

Empowering big enterprises and highly dynamic startups is about enabling innovation with the right data and lean process. Technical Excellence, Fantastic customer experience and Agility is our mantra.


How we engineered a platform for safe, reliable and clean transportation

Rapid Urbanization and lack of robust public transportation is increasing pressure on employers to shoulder the responsibility of employee transportation.

Future of inclusive education at scale

With over 400,000 daily active users experiencing a dynamic, digital, and hands-on learning, we at Tarento are on a mission to get every child learning with products that are accessible to every nook and corner of the world.

Designing the future of collective Intelligence

Collective intelligence is a group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration, collective efforts, and competition of many individuals and appears in consensus decision making.

Becoming Digital -Applying technologies in the right context

The technologies that make the world more digital are important. But technology skills are not enough. We thrive in combining our technology capabilities with business acumen. True magic happens when technologies are applied in right contexts.

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