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We are proud and humble for having the privilege to serve many great private and public organizations.

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Any business today is about data. Data must be in order. More digital the business, the better data is needed. Data builds information, knowledge, ultimately value. It enables new business models.

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Enterprise systems are the bedrock of businesses. Your logistics, your finance, everything depends on them. How to make them better? How to make sure they work and evolve with your business?

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Innovation is a heavy word. We make it concrete. Your custom needs are understood. We have specialized solutions in e.g. retail and data migrations. We are mobile first.

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Becoming digital – applying technologies in right contexts

The technologies that make the world more digital are important. But technology skills are not enough.
We thrive in combining our technology capabilities with business acumen. True magic happens when technologies are applied in right contexts.
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We can be reached via info@tarento.com for any inquiries!

Local office locations and local contact information on contact page.

Who are we? Our story

We are a Nordic-Indian company. Our headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden. Our biggest unit and technology work is in Bangalore, India. Our consulting operations and data management expertise is in Helsinki, Finland.

We take pride in combining the dynamism and technology skills of India with the established order and efficiency of the Nordic countries.
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