Have a great innovation, but missing app dev capability?

You have brilliant ideas, and we at Tarento have the necessary application development expertise and capability to help start-ups to transform ideas into a successful product that scales when it starts to gain traction on the market.

Creating advanced applications

Advanced software requires deep competence – Tarento developers are highly skilled in modern technologies spanning from web & mobile to Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning. Define architecture, run tests, prototype, manage applications – are also an essential part of our services.

Data is the new black

Data fuels the digital economy and is the core of our expertise. Most of the data is still inside the legacy corporate systems and we have the capabilities to get it out and start monetizing it. ERP solutions from vendors such as SAP and Microsoft are familiar to our experts, so we can fuse new front-ends to the enterprise infrastructure.

Shorter time-to market

Our customers include start-ups from various segments, and at the other end, we do digital projects for large enterprises. Small and large projects are in our scope; we can deliver a quick proof of concept for an end-to-end mobile solution or undertake a task to deliver and maintain a massively scalable, highly integrated high-availability platform.

Turn with us your minimum viable product to a world-conquering money machine

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We will offer you

• One-stop access to over 140 developers
• Capability to solve complex tasks
• Front-end and back-end coding and integration
• Proven project model
• Local customer engagement

Bangalore - Helsinki - Stockholm

We are a Nordic-Indian company. Our headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden. Our biggest unit and technology work is in Bangalore, India. Our consulting operations and data management expertise are in Helsinki, Finland.

We take pride in combining the incredible dynamism and technology skills of India with the established order and efficiency of the Nordic countries.

You can reach us via info@tarento.com for any inquiries.

Local office locations and local contact information on a contact page.

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