Lean. Agile.

Design Thinking.

Concept to clarity in 4 weeks. A lot of time, effort, resources
could be saved in the later part of the project if some time is
spent in the beginning to refine and validate the concept and
make a clear, concrete roadmap.


Workshop - spread across 2 days (8 hours)

User Persona
Prototypes (Low-fidelity)
Functional Requirements Specification
Hight-level User Stories
Hight-level Product Roadmap
Expert Review (Existing Product)
High-level Product Audit Report
(Existing Product)


Workshop - spread across 2-4 days
(16 hours)

User Personas - 2 Keys Personas
Wireframes (High Fidelity)
Functional Requirements Specification
User Stories
High-level Product Roadmap
High-level Customer Journey Mapping
Heuristics Review (Existing Product)
Product Audit Report (Existing Product)


Workshop, spread across 4-8 days (32 hours)

User Personas - 4 Key Personas
Wireframes (High Fidelity)
Visual Design
Information Architecture & Interaction Design
Functional Requirements Specification & User Stories
Product Roadmap
Digital Strategy
Competitive Overview

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